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Little Known Goods is a small Denver-based shop by Hillery and Drew Powers. Our art prints and goods celebrate all the different places people call “home.”



After college my best friend and I took a 50-day road trip from Florida to Seattle and back. One thing that stuck with me was that no matter what city we were in, people were overjoyed to show us the little-known gems of their home, whether that be a local pizza place, scenic overlook, or a lake full of sailboats in... Lincoln, Nebraska.

As I continued my travels, I always looked out for the things that made each place special to people. You can never fully understand a place until you live there for years; that’s why it’s important to ask locals. I love capturing the memorable places I've lived and traveled to in map form and researching all the little details that make places lovable.

Hillery and I built our relationship off of art and travel. We met studying art at UCF, and outside of painting classes we took time exploring the swamps and beaches of Florida, eventually expanding our travels to the Southeastern US, New York, California, and beyond.

Capturing all these places and experiences in art is a tricky thing, but also worthwhile and worth the effort. Though I’m mostly a web guy these days, I’ve always admired the print world—artists and designers associated with boutique print shops like Mama’s Sauce as well as comic book illustrators. I help Hillery with some of the illustrations and overall art direction, but she’s the real artist here.


There’s something special about well-made physical goods, but we have to ask ourselves if every good is worth making and what the environmental impact of it is. While we aren’t 100% sustainable in everything we do (yet), we do make steps every day to make sure Little Known Goods operates sustainably.

Evergreen design

We want to limit the amount of products we put in the world rather than pump out disposable designs every season. Every piece of art takes hundreds of hours of research, drawing, and designing because we want to produce timeless design using quality materials. When we print runs, we always look to reduce waste and order only what there’s a demand for.

Eco-friendly, plastic-free packaging

As a product company, one of the biggest sources of waste is the plastic sleeves you receive your print in and immediately throw away. We ship our small prints in plastic-free EcoEnclose biodegradable mailers and tape, and noissue sustainable tissue paper and stickers.

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